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At Carrera Motors, we’ve been providing Nunawading and Melbourne with quality mechanical accident repairs for over 40 years. We have a strict repair before replacement policy, which means we’ll do everything in our power to save you money by repairing your damaged or worn part.

Our team of qualified, friendly mechanics offer all aspects of mechanical repair, including logbook servicing, preventative maintenance, fault diagnosis, and accident repairs. In addition to component rebuilding, we also offer a full range of changeover parts for all makes and models.

Suspension repairs

Your vehicle suspension's main role is to give the maximum opportunity for all four tyres to remain in contact with the road, so that when needed, your braking, steering and driving systems are safe, effective and responsive when you need them most. At Carrera Motors we offer a full range of repair and replacement services for all suspension systems.

Steering replacements

Your steering column connects you with your drive train, and ensuring it is in full working order is crucial in ensuring your car maintains its sensitivity and handling after an accident. At Carrera Motors we service and repair all steering column components, rebuilding as much as possible to save you money on replacement components.

Chassis repairs

Getting your car looking right after an accident is only half the battle - it also needs to run well again. A properly aligned chassis is crucial in ensuring that your car can be made mechanically sound after an accident. At Carrera Motors we are equipped with the latest 4WD chassis aligning system providing before and after electronic print outs ensuring your vehicle’s chassis is repaired within factory specifications.

Drive train repairs

We carry out repairs to all drive train components, including driveshafts, differentials, gearboxes, transmissions and final drives. Our workshop is equipped to fully overhaul and rebuild all drive train components when possible, to save you money on replacement parts. We also offer shaft balancing and tailshaft remanufacturing, lengthening and shortening.

Fleet servicing

Regular fleet repairs and general maintenance will help keep your fleet vehicles performing to manufacturer's standard for longer, and are essential in preserving your fleet vehicles' fuel efficiency, reliability, performance and handling. We offer a range of fleet repair and maintenance packages, including major and minor routine servicing, scheduled safety checks and inspections, and much more.

Wheels and tyres

Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle type and driving style is essential in maintaining your car's safety, reliability, and handling. The right tyres can also increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. At Carrera Motors, we're experts at advising and recommending the right tyres to suit your vehicle, budget, and driving style, and carry a range of wheels to suit all makes and models.


In addition to protecting you and your passengers, your airbags contribute to the structural integrity of your vehicle, increasing its rigidity in the event of a side-impact crash or vehicle rollover. At Carrera Motors, we offer inspection and resetting of your airbag mechanical components and ECU, ensuring that your vehicle is just as safe after your accident as it was before.

Auto electrics

Your vehicle is just as much computer-driven electronics as it is mechanical components, so its important to be able to take it to a technician who can service both. At Carrera Motors, we offer a full range of auto electrical servicing and repairs, from routine servicing to starter motors, fuel injection, auto transmission diagnostics, and vehicle rewiring.

Wheel alignments

Proper wheel alignment is crucial for maintaining your vehicle's safety and fuel efficiency, as well as maintaining even wear on your tyres. Simple things like bumping into a kerb or driving over a pothole can throw your wheels out of alignment. At Carrera Motors, we're wheel alignment specialists, with the knowledge and equipment to properly align the wheels of all vehicles.

Changeover parts

We offer a range of changeover parts for all components of your engine and drive train, of the best quality and using both new and secondhand parts. Getting a changeover part instead of rebuilding your vehicle components can save you money and time, and the team at Carrera Motors has a wide range of changeover parts to suit vehicles of all makes and models.

Engineering reports

Laws concerning the registration and roadworthiness of modified vehicles - including vehicles that have had significant repairs - require a full engineer's report before the car can be considered fit to drive safely. At Carrera Motors, we offer expert advice on vehicle engineering and reports on modified vehicles, mechanical engineering as well as all your engineering signatory requirements.

On-site quotes and consultations

It's not always easy or possible to get your vehicle to a mechanic to get damage assessed. That's why at Carrera Motors we offer on-site vehicle quotes and consultations. We'll come to yuor home or office and thoroughly inspect your vehicle before offering a comprehensive quote and repair advice.

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